If you have galvanized piping you're probably not aware this plumbing system was used primarily for domestic water supplies from the early 1900's until the 1980's. The reason for replacing this type of piping is in large part due to galvanic corrosion. A domestic water system is an "open" system where the water is always being replenished with oxygen. Oxygen degrades metals through an electro-chemical process of internal oxidation. The result is that the metal gradually becomes thinner and weaker to rusting. As the piping corrodes the impurities are deposited in these water pipes. The corrosion is more pronounced in hot water lines.

Out of sight and out of mind, hidden in walls and in ceiling cavities, these water pipes have been deteriorating with few paying attention to the scope of the problem AND the potential cost to cure. Unfortunately, the property owner is responsible for the condition of ALL plumbing and piping that water flows through after it leaves the water meter at the street.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test for corrosion?

Yes. Run three (3), faucets at the same time. If water flow decreases significantly at the first tap when you turn the others on, your piping is probably corroded. You can also check for staining, usually brown or rust colored, in your fixtures.

Is my family's health at risk?

The internal corrosion of piping systems raises health concerns. These concerns are primarily associated with the "leaching" of lead, some older copper systems and other harmful metals from water piping into the water supply.

Who can I talk to about this?

A licensed and bonded plumbing professional.


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